CLUB BOTANIC:  We’re local and helping local organizations raise money for worthy causes.

Club Botanic is a wreath business located in San Francisco.  Quality, sustainability, and commitment to customer service are at the heart of the business. Club Botanic wreaths and garlands are made from local California and Pacific Northwest greens.  Local purchases allow us to reduce our carbon footprint, while at the same time supporting farmers and building communities by investing in the local and regional economy.     

The goal of Club Botanic’s fundraising program is to create a simple way for worthy organizations to generate a profit and make a difference.  There is no obligation to purchase our products.  You simply direct customers to our secure website to purchase products and Club Botanic shares its profit with your organization.

Program Overview: 

Direct Ship Method
  1. Select a time frame that includes a begin and end date to raise awareness and drive sales to your organization.
  2. Local and out-of-town friends and family can easily support your cause.
  3. They can purchase products supporting your organization via Club Botanic's secure website using your unique group code.
  4. All items will ship to the customer or gift recipient on the date they select. Please allow 5-10 business days to process.  
  5. Credit from online sales is applied to your account and a check is issued to your group at the end of your fundraising period. 

To learn more about fundraising opportunities please contact Billy Jim Crawford at or (415) 656-8251

Raising money for your cause or organization can take place any time of year, however, the holiday season is a popular time to fundraise. This is because many folks are thinking about buying fresh wreaths and garlands anyway. If they know their purchase can support a worthy cause such as yours then they are apt to buy from you. Moreover, Club Botanic wreaths and garlands are not ordinary products available at grocery stores and big box shops. Club Botanic wreaths are garlands are uniquely curated and handcrafted with fresh materials to make the season and full of beautiful memories.





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