Next to my dog Kennedy, flowers are my big passion. They're right up there with random acts of kindness when it comes to spreading happiness. Sunflowers always put a smile on my face. I never feel lonely with a bunch of daisies on the table, even when “dining alone.”

It took a few decades to weave this passion into my professional life, but looking back, there's always been a connection. At age 13 I was billing my parents for the yardwork I did around our house in the sleepy little town of Pryor Creek, Oklahoma. Landscaping takes some heavy lifting, the perfect outlet for teenage energy. But my favorite part was changing out bedding plants with the seasons. People loved my color combinations. They said it was like painting with flowers. I grinned.

College had to be practical, so I majored in business. Next stop: a year of graduate school in London. Along with a Master's degree in marketing management, I brought home a penchant for Anglicisms like calling my mother Mum, the British spelling of words like favour, and dozens of photos from visits to spectacular English gardens. Back in the U.S. I worked in tech ops and marketing for a dozen years. In 2013, I decided my life needed more colour—literally. To appease my right-brain cravings, I signed up for an introductory course in floral design. Thought I'd get a feel for the industry. We clicked, and I became a full-time floriculture student.

When a deal to buy an existing floral shop fell through, I decided to create an easier way for people to enjoy fresh greens, erasing all friction in the transaction. My vision was a hip, contemporary online wreath store to deliver fresh wreaths. It had to be grounded in meaningful values—quality, sustainability, and a commitment to the highest level of service.

With the help of a few expert consultants, we built a technology backbone to streamline ordering and developed a new delivery model to accommodate our customers' ever-changing schedules through our subscription service offerings. And now Club Botanic is ready to fulfill our special mission: Live, beautifully with fresh wreaths that bring colour, fragrance, and beauty into your home or workplace. In other words, spreading happiness.

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