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Club Botanic's Holiday Wreath Care Tips

Have you just purchased a fresh wreath from Club Botanic to celebrate the holidays?

We have some excellent tips to help you maximize the life of your wreath!


Fresh Out of the Box


First off, if you have just received our wreath, know that some needle loss or shifting is normal. We like to advise people to hold the wreath firmly and tap the frame to shake loose anything that might fall. 


If you received a fall wreath, they usually like a bit of plumping, giving the leaves a chance to breath after they have been in a box.


Harvest Wheat Wreath | Fall Wreath | Door Wreaths for Fall


For those of you who purchased a fresh greens wreath, and you won't be hanging it immediately, keep it in the plastic liner (this helps it to retain moisture) and in a cool, dark place. Be sure to not seal the liner, your wreath needs airflow too. 


Fresh Green Christmas Wreath with Cedar and Boxwood hung on double doors


Hydrating Your Wreath


Watering your greens wreath depends entirely on where it's displayed. Will it be outside in a cool climate? No watering necessary! But if kept indoors or outdoors in a warm climate, your wreath will need extra water!


We recommend laying your greens wreath in a couple of inches of water, so the cut stems can get a good initial drink, for an hour or so. After it's displayed, go ahead and spritz your wreath with water every few days, as you notice it looks dry.


 Avoiding Direct Sun


It's best to keep your Club Botanic wreath out of direct sunlight and away from any source of heat. Kept out of the sun, your greens wreath should last about a month, perhaps longer in truly cold climates.


Indoor Display


If you want to bring your greens wreath indoor for a holiday event, it's best to wait until the last minute before you bring it in, then return it outdoors when the party is over. If, however, you elect to keep the wreath indoors, water it more frequently, and be aware it will probably have a shorter life span, about two weeks. 


We hope these tips help you enjoy your Club Botanic wreath as long as possible! Live, beautifully!

Allison Addicott
Allison Addicott