Marin County Greens Garland

Fresh garlands have many uses - they can be used to decorate archways, staircases, as a runner on a holiday table, even over a front door. Our Marin County Greens Christmas Garland offers a modern take on the traditional pine garland. The grey-green of the olive and the shiny glamour of the magnolia create a garland that is perfectly suited to decorate a holiday table. Pair it with our Marin Greens Christmas Wreath for a complete holiday look! Our Marin Greens Christmas Garland will compliment your Christmas decor throughout the holidays.

Garland length:  5'

All of our fresh garlands for Christmas are made of materials harvested in California and the Pacific Northwest. Garlands for the holidays are designed to last 3 + weeks.  Some foliage is naturally hardier and will last beyond the season.

All garland materials are fully recyclable. The plant material can be composted and will biodegrade naturally and the metal wire can be recycled.

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