Dried Grevillea and Globe Thistle Wreath

Our Grevillea and Globe Thistle Wreath is the perfect front door wreath for spring. Purple shades from sea lavender and globe thistle mingle with the uniquely-shaped sprigs of grevillea in this stylish wreath. Whether on your front door, or as an indoor wreath, it’s a beautiful way to celebrate springtime!

Wreath size in picture:  20"

All of our fresh wreaths are made of materials harvested in California and the Pacific Northwest. A beautiful indoor or outdoor wreath for spring. Wreaths are designed to last 2+ months. Some foliage is naturally hardier and will last beyond the season.  

All spring wreath materials are fully recyclable.  The plant material can be composted and will biodegrade naturally and the metal wreath rings can be recycled.

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