Fresh Boxwood Wreath

Looking for an on-trend yet simple door wreath that shows your distinctive style? Our Fresh Boxwood Wreath is the perfect choice! We craft charming boxwood into a 18", 20", 22", 24" or 30" holiday wreath. It's a tailored Christmas wreath that dresses up any spot and makes a beautiful Christmas gift for anyone, including yourself!

The bow in the picture is not included with the wreath, but you can purchase one separately. View our selection of Holiday Bows.

All of our fresh wreaths for Christmas are made of materials harvested in California and the Pacific Northwest. A beautiful indoor or outdoor wreath. Wreaths for the holidays are designed to last 3 + weeks. Some foliage is naturally hardier and will last beyond the season.

All Christmas door wreath materials are fully recyclable.  The plant material can be composted and will biodegrade naturally and the metal wreath rings can be recycled.

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