Farmer's Market Peonies

Prized for their unique beauty, peonies have been celebrated by artists and royalty since the 13th century.  Larger than a rose, they offer a variety of shades and can vary in number of petals.  

We are pleased to offer the highly sought-after Coral Sunset Peony. It features a ruffled, semi-double bloom with a slight fragrance. Selected by hand at the flower market, we ship them in bundles via 2 day Priority Mail.

Upon arrival the peonies should be in closed bud stage - looking like lollipops.  This is exactly how you want them for maximum enjoyment!  Once received, cut the stems at a 45 degree angle one inch from the bottom and hydrate the flowers.  They will open within one to two days.

Vase: 7” H x 4” W.
Total height: 14-16”

We source from American flower growers whenever possible. This reduces our carbon footprint, supports local farmers and builds communities by investing in the American economy.


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