Billy Ball Bunch

Take the opportunity to create your own designs and wreaths with our fresh bunches of flowers! We will personally select the freshest Billy Balls (also known as Billy Buttons) for you - in whatever quantity of bunches you choose - and ship it to you via 2 day transit. What could be easier?

Billy Balls (formally known as Craspedia) are a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family. They are native to Australia and New Zealand where they grow in a variety of habitats from sea level to the Alps. You can display them alone, or as an element in a larger floral design. They dry nicely.

Grown for both its colorful flowers and its everlasting ability, Billly Balls dry well and are often used in dried flower arrangements as well as to fresh floral designs.
  • 1 bunch contains 10 stems
  • Fresh Billy Balls are harvested in California
  • Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable, due to its perishable nature

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