Celebration Pumpkin

Our fall favorite! Faux pumpkins that look and feel real decorated with all kinds of cool things like moss, oak leaves, dried hydrangea, strawflowers, little succulents, thistle, and more! Each one is unique, and we love them in sets of two or three. They are fantastic as Halloween decor, a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, or any other fall celebrations you might be planning!

Height: 7"
Width: 10"
Length: 10"

The dried natural materials used on this faux pumpkin are intended for display in a sheltered outdoor area or indoors.

Pumpkin provides effortless decorating, no maintenance required

To store pumpkin, we recommend lightly wrapping it in tissue paper and storing it  in the box in which it arrived or a box of comparable size.

Handcrafted by Women in Recovery - a nonprofit aimed at helping women conquer addiction, recover from trauma, and acquire essential economic, emotional and social skills to strengthen their lives and families. We proudly employ these extraordinary women who have overcome tremendous obstacles to become a positive force of change.

A portion of proceeds from this sale is donated to amazing projects that support, love and nurture animals. Learn more about Club Botanic's commitment to Giving Back 

Handmade with love in Oklahoma, USA



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