California Bay and Brunia Square Wreath

Do you seek a unique, slightly masculine wreath for your front door? Our California Bay and Brunia Wreath offers a square frame, with bay and the silver tints of brunia balls at each corner. The silver ribbon suspending the wreath is part of the front door “look” and comes with the wreath - it’s a complete package! We love this as seasonal wreath for your front door! It makes a beautiful and thoughtful housewarming gift.

Wreath size in picture:  20"

All of our fresh wreaths are made of materials harvested in California and the Pacific Northwest. A beautiful indoor or outdoor wreath. Wreaths are designed to last 3 + weeks. Some foliage is naturally hardier and will last beyond the season.

All wreath materials are fully recyclable.  The plant material can be composted and will biodegrade naturally and the metal wreath rings can be recycled.

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