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Being around fresh foliage boost energy, reduces anxiety and relieves stress

Flower Power is a lot more than an iconic slogan. Research studies show that being around fresh-cut greens is a surefire way to enhance emotional well-being. So it doesn’t make sense to stress out over your fresh foliage purchase.

Will you have to pick from zillions of possible combinations?  Settle with an uninteresting, generic design? Hope you’re not supporting an unsustainable growing model?

A Club Botanic subscription eliminates all these time-consuming chores and decisions, so you can enjoy all the benefits of Flower Power with hardly a second thought.

--Our pre-scheduled subscription service. Once a year wreath purchases are wonderful! They’re a great way to welcome a new season or celebrate.” But fresh greens don't last forever, and flower fans soon start to miss the company of their colorful and fragrant friends.

A Club Botanic subscription lets you schedule regular wreath deliveries in a single, simple transaction. After all, it’s about relieving, not adding, stress.

Seasonal foliage and greens are supposed to be fun. Uplifting. Beautiful. Club Botanic makes sure they live up to their promise.


Why Club Botanic?

Discover the benefits of fresh greens with Club Botanic

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