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Unique Spots to Hang Handcrafted Wreaths

Wreaths are a lovely way to decorate the home year-round. A wreath can symbolize a special holiday event such as Christmas or Halloween, or a specific season, such as Spring or Fall. A handcrafted wreath is a lovely way to upgrade the décor of your home. For most homeowners, a wreath is hung on the entry door and nowhere else. However, there are so many unique places to hang a wreath in your home, you will have all your guests loving the way you decorate your home. Read on to find out the unique places you can add wreaths to your dwelling.



 A simple natural wreath can look great in any home, especially in a room filled with windows. Simply hang your wreath with a ribbon at the top, connected to a hook above or on the window. You can use a suction-style hanger to place the wreath on the windows of your home but on the inside. This style can create a unique look in a living room or dining area. You can then change out the ribbons and wreath types based on season or holiday.


Back of Dining Chairs

One way to jazz up your dining room chairs is to add floral wreaths. Use a ribbon to create a base for the wreath at the top of the chair and tie the wreath on so it hangs from the back. This creates a unique touch to your dining room décor and something your guests will be talking about for years to come. Go simple with a greenery wreath or be bold with bright florals.


Magnolia Garland | Magnolia and Red Oak Garland | Magnolia and oak garland hanging over door | Magnolia garland hanging inside house | Magnolia garland hanging over kitchen cabinets


Kitchen Cabinetry

The upper cabinets of your kitchen are another great place to hang wreaths. With this décor option, you will want to hang smaller wreaths then those that normally are placed on a front door. Take a piece of ribbon and attach it to the top of the cabinet door. Hang down to the desired height and then hang the wreath from the bottom of the ribbon. You instantly have a new look for your kitchen!


These are just a few ways you can add wreaths to the home. Take a walk around your house and see what type of ideas you come up with!

Stephanie Clarke
Stephanie Clarke