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Unique Facts About Flowers and Wreaths

Because there are so many flower variations in the world, there is never enough time to learn all the interesting facts associated with floral arrangements, including wreaths. It can be quite interesting to learn more about the visual and emotional impact that flowers have on the world as well as unique facts that are often unknown. Below is a little odd information about flowers used for floral wreaths in the home, helping you to get to know your arrangements a little better.

Tulips Were Once Food

Tulips are a colorful flower that is often used in faux wreaths for visual appeal. Did you know that tulip bulbs were once used as a food source? During the time of World War II, the bulbs of tulips were used as food due to a food shortage. The bulbs did not taste great but would help families fill their empty stomachs and feel full.

Soil Determines the Color of Hydrangeas

Another unusual fact is that the color of hydrangeas is determined by the soil it is planted in. A hydrangea that is pink in color is a plant that was placed in soil that had too much alkaline. Gardeners must take into account the soil type before planting hydrangea seeds in order to reach the desired color for the plant.

Sunflowers in Life Jackets

You may be amazed to find that sunflowers were once used to fill lifejackets for water safety. Rafts were even filled with sunflowers to clean up contamination in the water after the Chernobyl incident took place. Come to find out, the roots of the flowers can remove as much as 95% of radioactivity and helped to clean the water of contaminants.

These are just a few interesting facts about flowers that are commonly used in wreath making. So, the next time you hang a wreath in your home, learn more about the flowers being used. You may be amazed at the interesting facts you uncover!

Stephanie Clarke
Stephanie Clarke