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Summer Door Decor

It's summer and Club Botanic has a lot of ideas for summer decorating. Whether it's your front door or dressing up the interior of your home with one of our gorgeous wreaths, Club Botanic as a solution for you. We handcraft beautiful fresh wreaths, artificial wreaths made from silk flowers and faux greens, and dry wreaths made from dried flowers. There are many benefits to each type of wreath that we will explain in this article. 


Fresh Wreaths


Fresh wreaths are beautiful and vibrant! They last two to four weeks if properly maintained - such as being hung in an area that is cool and receives indirect sunlight. If hung outside your local weather patterns will assist in determining their longevity - high heat and exposure to sun can be hard on fresh greens. 


Our fresh wreaths make a big style statement and in many cases offer lovely fragrance as well. Our Olive and Thistle Wreath shown below is a customer favorite. The olive and thistle dry nicely so if cared for properly you will get the maximum amount of life out of this wreath. We recommend it as a summer door wreath if you have moderate summer weather. It has beautiful gray-green shades from the olive, and a pop of purplish blue from the thistles.  In short, it's stunning! 


Blue Thistle and Olive Wreath | Summer Door Wreath | Wreaths for Summer


Another popular front door wreath we offer is our Leucadendron and Bay Wreath. Leucadendron is a hardy plant from the protea family which is native to South Africa. The "blooms" are unique. When combined with seeded eucalyptus and fragrant bay this wreath creates a unique focal point on your front door. 

Leucadendron and Bay Wreath


Dry Wreaths


The dry wreaths that Club Botanic crafts are made with flowers that dry well, such as strawflowers and peonies. These wreaths offer maximum longevity. They can last up to 12 months or longer which far exceeds a fresh wreath's life. However, it should be noted that dry florals are still organic, and the colors can fade if exposed to direct sunlight excessively.


Our Napa Strawflower and Peony Wreath is the perfect example of how striking dried flowers can appear. Hundreds of brightly colored strawflowers cover the wreath, while bunches of aubergine peonies add texture. We think that this wreath is so impressive that it is best kept indoors to preserve the deep tones and bright tints of the strawflowers.


Napa Peony and Strawflower Wreath


Our Dry Peony Wreath is a dramatic wreath comprised of over 100 peonies. Prized by the ancient Greeks and Chinese for their beauty, peonies symbolize romance, compassion, and honor. In shades of cream and pale pink, it is designed to bring the natural beauty of peonies into your home for 12 months or longer. Like the Napa Wreath this wreath could be used as a front door wreath.  It also looks lovely on an indoor wall such as in a bedroom.


Dry Peony Wreath


Artificial Wreaths


Artificial wreaths can mimic the quality of fresh wreaths, but for the lack of authentic greens and flowers you gain the longevity benefit in the life of the wreath. Most artificial wreaths can be taken down and stored for use in a future season. That's a great benefit if you want to have a beautiful wreath on your door during the summer and your weather tends to be hot and humid.

Our Desert Succulent Wreath is a great example of how artificial wreaths can replace natural ones. Natural succulent wreaths, made from scratch, take time to root and tend to be both expensive and quite heavy. If you love the look of natural succulents, but don't have a green thumb, our Desert Succulent Wreath is for you! It will look great on a front door or any place in your home! 


Desert Succulent Wreath


Another popular artificial wreath that we love is our Hydrangea Wreath. In shades of green and violet, the florets are soft and beautiful. We work with flowers every day, and our staff finds these silk hydrangeas to be the most authentic we have seen. The wreath seems luxurious, and when displayed on a front door will inevitably receive compliments from your friends and neighbors.


Hydrangea Wreath


There you have our many ideas for decorating your front door or sprucing up the interior of your home this summer! We hope you now have a better understanding of the pros and cons for each type of wreath so you can select the one most suited to your expectations! Happy Decorating from Club Botanic! Live, Beautifully.


Club Botanic creates handcrafted fresh wreaths, artificial wreaths, dried wreaths and flower bouquets. Nationwide delivery is available on select products. We offer arrangements for all occasions including get well flowers, thank you flowers, congratulations flowers, birthday flowers, or “just because” flowers. We offer our wreaths for indoor and outdoor display, for every season and occasion, including holiday decorating and housewarming gifts. Find our flower gift ideas and flower delivery information on our site.





Allison Addicott
Allison Addicott