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Spruce Up Your Exterior with a Lovely Summer Wreath

Most homeowners who decorate the exterior doors of the home focus on adding wreaths to their décor during the holidays or winter months. However, wreaths can be enjoyed all year long! During the summer months, wreaths can add a lovely touch to brighten up any entryway. Below are a few examples of how you can add a decorative wreath to your front door, greeting guests with a beautiful piece of artwork.


Natural Approach

If you want to go for a natural look, consider adding a wreath made of natural elements such as willow or thistle. The traditional look of these elements of nature will give your front door a classic style. Even a simple grapevine wreath can add a new look to the exterior of your home that can easily be jazzed up to commemorate any holiday as it arrives. Natural wood creates a lovely backdrop for a clean look or one that can be upgraded over time to create new décor for your home.


Miraloma Curly Willow and Boxwood Wreath | Variegated Boxwood Wreath with Curly Willow


Go Green

If you like a natural look but want more color, opt for a green approach. Greenery can be used in a variety of ways to create wreaths for the entry of your home. From olive to Leucadendron and bay, there are many natural materials that have a lovely green color that will provide a fresh look for your entry. When you want to incorporate a smell with your wreath, opt for a eucalyptus creation, for a fresh scent along with the visual appeal.


A Little Color

Adding a pop of color can bring new life to any entryway. With a wreath creation, adding color can mean going traditional with baby’s breath or adding in a lovely hint of purple with lavender. Be bold and hang up a stunning beauty with Napa peonies or a cockscomb and statice creation. Whatever material you choose, the natural beauty of flowers and plant life that are lively in color will give you a unique look for the front entry of your home.


Blue Hydrangea Wreath | Artificial Hydrangea Wreath Blue

Stephanie Clarke
Stephanie Clarke