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Delivering Valentine's Day Flowers To Seniors

Here at Club Botanic, our founder Billy and our staff are not only floral designers, they are people who care about issues like the environment and improving our local communities. That is one of the reasons we support our local flower farms -  keeping our relationships local is a core value for us. That means we seek to find ways to participate and contribute to our local community.


This past Valentine’s Day we had an opportunity to do just that! We contacted a local assisted living facility in San Francisco and let them know that we had some flowers that we would love to deliver to them. One of our mottos is “spreading joy” with flowers and that is just what we did. The folks at Age Song Assisted Living in San Francisco looked on as we personally delivered armfuls of roses and carnations that made up over 50 beautiful designs - like ginger jars with roses, Biedermeier designs, heart shaped paves, and our signature FlowerBox designs.


The residents and staff were very happy and thankful for our gifts, and we were more than grateful to share our love of flowers with them.

We are always happy to consider partnering with community-supporting organizations in San Francisco! If you have a suggestion, just contact us at

Allison Addicott
Allison Addicott