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Housewarming Gift Ideas People Actually Want

Moving into a new home is a big deal and is very exciting. When someone you know moves, it’s customary to buy them a housewarming gift. When it comes to these gifts, however, most people don’t get very creative and give presents that are neither very personal nor very memorable. Here are some great housewarming gift ideas that not only will the new homeowners love, but that will also stand out among the rest.    

A city map

A decorative and fun map is a great housewarming gift idea because not only do they look beautiful hanging on the wall, it will get the new homeowners excited to explore their new location. Especially if they are new to the city, a map will allow them to see surrounding areas or places of interest. Even if they’ve lived in the same area their whole lives, a map will allow them to show off a place they’ve always been proud to call home. Regardless of their situation, you can’t go wrong with a great-looking map to display on the wall.

San Francisco City Map


A seasonal wreath

The first thing that someone will see as they’re entering your home is the front door. Why not give a housewarming gift that will help make an impression from the very second guests arrive? When many people think of wreaths, they think of a Christmas decoration, however, wreaths are so much more than that. Get the new homeowners a beautiful seasonal wreath to hang on their front door. This will enable them to bring color, fragrance and beauty to their home and they will think of you every time they walk into their house.


Eucalyptus Nut and Olive Wreath


DIY tool kit

This housewarming gift is both useful and thoughtful. Putting together a kit with the tools that every homeowner actually needs, plus some beneficial things they may not buy themselves, will show that you’re thinking practically. Taking the time to make something yourself will show how thoughtful you are. The best part is that you can really customize this gift based on who the new homeowners are – if they’re big wine drinkers, for example, include a nice wine opener with their kit (because who doesn’t need a bottle of wine when they’re DIYing?).


A creative door mat

It’s extremely useful to have a doormat outside of your home to help welcome visitors and ensure they’re not bringing in their dirt and mud with them. Get a little more creative with your message, however, than just “Welcome.” There are some very clever options out there, so have fun with it!  


Welcome Doormat | Housewarming Gift


A custom address stamp

Something that the new homeowners will definitely not have right when they move is a handy way to add their return address to mail they send out. Get a stamp made up with their new name and address and bring some ink pads along with it. This is thoughtful and very useful for anyone who has recently moved!


Custom Stamp | Personalized Stamp



YardKit offers 5 easy-to-follow steps that will help a new homeowner create a personalized vision of their yard, regardless its current state - no previous landscaping or design experience needed. The kit's workbooks and accessories offer hands-on activities that can be used to plan out landscape design by adding new areas and amenities for outdoor living, making a cohesive vision for the entire property, navigating the renovation process, and saving on private design fees and costly construction delays. 




A wall outlet they can’t live without

In the technology age that we live in, you can really never get enough space to plug in. The only thing better than a home with ample outlets is a home that has outlets with built-in USB ports (yes, they exist!). Giving an outlet like this is not only extremely useful, it’s something someone may not buy themselves and most gift-givers wouldn’t think to give either.


Gourmet fudge

While fudge certainly isn’t a gift that will last forever, it is something that everyone loves and will enjoy. Bring over some gourmet fudge and we promise, there will be no complaints!


Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe Fudge | Sea Salt Caramel Fudge | Belgian Chocolate Fudge


A personalized playlist

If you want to get a housewarming gift but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, create an awesome “house” playlist that the new homeowners can use for dinner parties, back yard BBQs and everything in between. It’s thoughtful and personal, and hey, you’ll be able to enjoy it too!

Billy Crawford
Billy Crawford