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Expert Care Tips for Your Fresh Wreaths

A fresh wreath is a lovely way to jazz up the exterior or interior of your home. From the smell to the overall look of the wreath, you are adding texture to your décor as well as freshness. Once a fresh wreath arrives at your home, it is important to care for it correctly. With the proper care, your new wreath will last for an extended time frame, maximizing its lifespan.

Upon Arrival

Once you have received your wreath, open the box carefully. You may have to plump up your wreath after removing it from the packaging. It is not uncommon for shifting of the wreath to occur. You may have to readjust the wreath, so place it on a flat surface to do so. If you have purchased a greens wreath and will be hanging it later, be sure to keep any plastic lining intact as it will help to retain moisture within the wreath and store the item in a dark and cool environment.

Watering Your Wreath

Just like any fresh plants, your wreath will need to be hydrated. If you are storing your wreath outdoors where the weather is cooler, then no water will be necessary. If your wreath will be placed indoors or outdoors where the weather is warm, then water will be needed. Once you begin displaying your fresh wreath, be sure to spray the wreath with water every few days when you notice that it looks dry. Also, avoid placing your wreath in direct sunlight or near a heat source. When exposed to heat or sunlight, the lifespan of your wreath will diminish.

By learning how to properly care for your wreath, you can enjoy the fresh greenery for an extended period of time. Watering and storing your wreaths correctly will ensure that any wreath you purchase will last, allowing you to enjoy it for a much longer time frame.

Stephanie Clarke
Stephanie Clarke