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Top 6 Reasons to buy a Fresh Christmas Wreath by Club Botanic

Here at Club Botanic we love authentic Christmas wreaths. Why are they preferable to artificial wreaths? Natural wreaths are usually more visually appealing than plastic ones but other factors are important to consider. They are more than just decorative! They symbolize the work that went into crafting them, the community of growers who nurture the greens that comprise the wreath, and finally the tradition of love and celebration that is Christmas itself. Here are our top six reasons to buy a fresh Christmas wreath from Club Botanic this year:


1. The Fragrance

There is nothing like the uplifting zing of evergreen when you open a box with fresh pine and cedar in the wreath! Memories flood back, connecting you with many prior Christmas holidays, and you'll find you are suddenly in that holiday spirit!


2. They are Hand-Crafted

Our wreaths are hand-crafted from greens at their peak of freshness. That means our local craftspeople bind each and every bundle onto the wreath frame! Did you know that many of the wreaths you'll find a big box stores are made with a machine?


Fresh seasonal wreath that transitions well from fall to Christmas with fresh cedar, red oak, boxwood and eucalyptus


3. You are Supporting Local Industry

At Club Botanic we source our flowers and greens from our local California vendors and farmers whenever it's possible. We believe in keeping everything as local as we can and we love supporting our partners in the local economy - and you can too when you buy from us!


4. Our Quality

Greens can't be harvested until a certain moment in the life cycle of trees. All our greens are harvested in California and the Pacific Northwest, using sustainable practices like branch-tipping. They are cut, shipped to us, and crafted into wreaths at the height of their beauty, maximizing the life of your wreath. 


5. Wreaths are Excellent Gifts

Our fresh wreaths are given as gifts all year long, but during the holidays, giving a wreath to a friend or family member is even more special! Lush wreaths like our California Greens Holiday Wreath or our Fresh Boxwood Wreath are perfectly suited to be the ideal holiday offering to somone special - a wonderful way to share holiday greetings with cheer!


6. The Joy of Receiving

Finally, not many things are as enjoyable as getting a big package with your name on it! Your Club Botanic wreath will arrive in the mail and will get your holidays going right away! Don't forget that you can share that joy with others and send a beautiful wreath to family and friends!


Happy Holidays from Club Botanic!







Allison Addicott
Allison Addicott