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Club Botanic's Commitment to Socially-Conscious Shopping

Would you like to buy once and give twice this holiday season?

It's time to plan for the holidays, and many shoppers search for socially-conscious companies to purchase gifts that literally give back. One company doing just that is Club Botanic. Based in San Francisco, Club Botanic handcrafts bouquets, wreaths, and garlands for local and nationwide delivery. Sustainability is a core value for them, and they source from local farmers whenever possible, keeping their carbon footprint small. This holiday season they are making it easy to buy a beautiful bouquet or wreath while making a contribution to a socially-conscious organization.

Billy Crawford, the founder of Club Botanic, believes that to be eco-friendly is to care not just about plants, but about all beings. He has made it possible for you to give to any one of five organizations that support farm animals rescued from dangerous conditions, to organizations that support cats, dogs, and other domestic pets like the ASPCA. You can make a positive difference with your Club Botanic purchase that becomes a gift for animals in need!

Club Botanic offers to donate 5% of your purchase price to the animal-supporting organization you choose below. Buy once, give twice! They are happy to contribute to the efforts of these amazing projects that help, give hope to, and often times transform the lives of animals.


The Gentle Barn - Just outside Los Angeles, they rescue farm animals for the most part, giving them a gentle home and often times, medical care. A primary goal is to create a space where children, especially those with challenges, can visit with rescued animals where they can can support, love and nurture one another.

San Francisco SPCA - As the fourth oldest humane society in the U.S. and the founders of the No-Kill movement, the SF SPCA has always been at the forefront of animal welfare. As a result, San Francisco has the lowest euthanasia rate of any major city in the United States. It’s mission is to save and protect animals, provide care and treatment, advocate for their welfare and enhance the human-animal bond.

ASPCA - ASPCA believes that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law. ASPCA maintains a strong local presence with programs that extend its anti-cruelty mission across the country.

Animal Place - Animal Place’s California animal shelters fills a much-needed niche of farm animal rescue, sanctuary, education and adoption. They operate a 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, California, and a 60-acre animal shelter in Vacaville, California. Animal Place extends compassion to all life with a special emphasis on farmed animals. This is executed by providing permanent sanctuary, education, legislation and appropriate placement of needy animals.

      Allison Addicott
      Allison Addicott