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Thanksgiving Table Trends for 2016 by Club Botanic

Are you thinking about holiday decor? Well, it's already November, and here at Club Botanic we are thinking about Thanksgiving! We've kept our eyes out for simple design trends for the holidays that we want to share.


We've noticed that mixing textiles and tableware patterns is a huge trend this fall. We really love this place setting, complete with a decorative charger! 


Holiday table setting ideas


When it comes to place cards and celebratory notes on the holiday table, we like both the casual idea of a pomegranate (!) as a place card, as well as the more formal, printed card below.


Etched pomegranates as a table place cards for holiday parties and dinners


Formal white printed table place cards for holiday guests written in gold ink


Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't share one of our most favorite centerpieces....our very own Club Botanic Celebration Pumpkins available for purchase. They are always a conversation piece, offer succulents you can replant and enjoy for years, and best of all they're incredibly festive! 

Decorated Pumpkin with dried flowers and succulents as a Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Whatever table decorations you choose, the staff at Club Botanic wishes you a wonderful celebration! Because we always want you to Live, Beautifully! 


Allison Addicott
Allison Addicott