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How to Care for Fresh Cut Flowers

Nothing breathes life into a room like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Sadly, that beauty won’t last forever - but don’t let that stop you from prolonging the joy by caring for your cut flowers!

For your next backyard bouquet or just because flowers from a friend, here are some expert flower care tips for happy, long-living blooms:

  • Using clippers, cut the bottom half-inch of stems at a 45 degree angle; this helps stems drink more water.  Cutting them flat means the stems rest on the bottom of the vase, blocking the water flow--imagine sucking from a straw stuck to the bottom of a glass.  Angle-cut stems are happy stems.  
  • Strip any leaves or foliage falling below the waterline.  Once they get wet, they decay and release bacteria into the water - yuck! Stinky water isn’t just gross - it also impacts the flowers, which are sensitive to the scent of decay and will decline quickly.  
  • Cut flowers are thirsty!  Every other day, check your water level. If you see it’s low, or has become murky, it’s definitely time for a refresh.  You can cut another half-inch off stems, too.  
  • Yes, Flower Food makes a difference!  Special ingredients not only nourish the flowers, but balance out water pH levels and also cut down on bacteria.  There are a lot of different options out there, so read the package instructions carefully to mix with the right proportion of water.  
  • If you have Lilies in your arrangement, pull off the pollen.  Not only does it stain just about anything it touches, but if left on, it signals to the Lily that it is now fully open and can go to sleep. Removing the pollen convinces the Lily it still has a few more days to shine.  
  • Flowers like bright indirect light, so keep them away from the blazing sun.  Generally, they’ll be happier in cooler environments, but do fine in room temperature settings.  Try to avoid setting them by a heater, open fire or a sunny window.  

Though these actions may take a bit of extra effort, the reward is a happier, healthier flower arrangement with longer lasting power.  Happy flowering!  

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Billy Crawford
Billy Crawford