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Best Artificial Wreaths for Summer

Do you love having a wreath on your front door, but find that during the summer months a fresh wreath takes a beating from the heat and humidity? Club Botanic offers a solution for your dilemma! Our artificial wreaths are designed to last more than one season, and the wreaths we select to offer are carefully chosen for their beauty and quality. We chose to sell artificial wreaths after we received many customer requests - and decided we would offer such wreaths only if they met the exacting standard for design that Club Botanic represents.


If you are looking for a front door wreath you might like our various hydrangea wreaths. First, our Hydrangea Wreath in shades of green and violet. It looks so much like fresh hydrangea - the florets are soft and flexible. But, instead, it’s gorgeous silk green and violet hydrangea. It will look beautiful just about any place you choose to display it.


Hydrangea Wreath | Green Hydrangea | Violet Hydrangea


Next, our Multicolor Pastel Hydrangea Wreath is a lovely front door wreath with delicate florets in pale shades of white and blue. 


Multicolor Pastel Hydrangea Wreath | Baby Blue Hydrangea Wreath


And our third hydrangea wreath is our Blue Hydrangea Wreath, with a stunning blue tint - it's a large wreath that will command attention on your front door - or wherever you choose to display it. 


Blue Hydrangea Wreath | Outdoor Wreaths for Summer | Indoor Wreaths for Summer


Perhaps you are looking for something very unique? We hope you will cotton to our Cotton Pickin’ Wreath! It's a beautiful and full wreath crafted from synthetic cotton for use in a covered front door or indoors. 

Cotton Pickin' Wreath | Cotton Wreath | Faux Wreath of Cotton


Do you love the look of succulent wreaths but don't have a green thumb? Our carefully crafted Desert Succulent Wreath offers six varieties of faux succulents that look authentic with no care taking worries! Your Succulent Wreath will look great in any room of your home - or the front door.


Desert Succulent Wreath | Faux Succulent Wreath | Artificial Wreath of Succulents


Do you love dogwood and wish you could decorate with it year-round? Our soimple elegant Silk Dogwood Wreath is perfect as a front door wreath to dress up your entrance and greet your friends and guests. It’s crafted of only silk dogwood branches, encircling the frame with many blooms! 


Silk Dogwood Wreath | Blooming Dogwood Wreath | Floral Wreath | Flower Wreath


Next, our Peony Grapevine Wreath is simpler wreath for your front door or inside your home. It features a flourish of silk peonies with dried baby bell eucalyptus on a natural grapevine wreath. It’s an understated yet beautiful look for your front door or anywhere in your home!


Peony Grapevine Wreath | Silk Peonies Wreath | White Peonies Wreath | White Peony Wreath Artificial


All of our artificial front door wreaths can be stored after you have displayed them, and can be reused at another time. So, choose one or a pair and enjoy having a beautiful wreath on your front door all summer long!


Club Botanic creates handcrafted fresh wreaths, artificial wreaths and dry wreaths for nationwide delivery. We also offer local flower delivery on arrangement for get-well flowersthank you flowerscongratulations flowersbirthday flowers, or “just because” flowers. We offer our wreaths for indoor and outdoor display, for every season, including holiday decorating. Find our flower gift ideas and flower delivery information on our site.


Allison Addicott
Allison Addicott