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7 Wreath Ideas to Inspire Your Home’s Decor

Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking to remodel your current one, finding the right inspiration can be a challenge. Starting with a great inspiration piece, and designing the rest of the room from there, can make it much easier.


Just as a wreath can brighten the exterior of your home, it also makes an excellent focal point for bedrooms, living rooms, and more. Handmade wreaths from Club Botanic come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, which means there’s an option for every style and space.


With the right Club Botanic wreath, you can get inspired and design a space that fits your personal style. Here are just a few ideas to help jump-start your inspiration.


Coastal-Chic inspired by the Driftwood Wreath

You don’t have to have a home by the sea to enjoy coastal-inspired decor. Shades of blue, clean, crisp whites, and neutral accents can help you create a modern coastal in any space.


Start with the Driftwood Wreath, then choose other simple, natural accents and furniture in neutral colors to create a seaside escape in your bedroom or living room.


Rustic Farmhouse inspired by the Pinecone Wreath

Pinterest and DIY projects have renewed the popularity of rustic, farmhouse-inspired decor. With so many different styles incorporated under farmhouse and rustic decor, you can choose furniture and accents to fit your personal style.


Start decorating your space by adding the Pinecone Wreath as a centerpiece. It’ll add the perfect rustic touch above a fireplace mantle or on an accent wall. Natural wood furniture and accents will keep your space warm, while you can choose from a wide range of accents, like copper, pops of plaid, or antiques to finish the look.


Simple Beauty inspired by the Baby Eucalyptus Wreath

Whether you’re struggling to choose the right style for your small space, or looking to open up a dark, larger area, a clean, simple style is always a great choice.


Baby Eucalyptus Wreath | Simple Wreath | Elegant Wreath | Fresh Wreath


Keeping your furniture and accents light in color and simple in style will make your space look large, open, and clean. But simple doesn’t have to mean colorless. Accent the space with the Baby Eucalyptus Wreath. It’ll make the perfect centerpiece to bring your space together. Plus, a handmade wreath by Club Botanic always makes for a great conversation starter when it’s the focal point of any space.


Exotic Escape inspired by the Olive Protea and Olive Wreath

Sometimes the right wreath can help you create a unique style that you could never have dreamed of on your own. The Olive Protea and Olive Wreath, with it’s soft green leaves and pops of bright color in the blooms, is a unique focal point for any room.


Queen Protea Wreath | Elegant Wreath | Fresh Wreath


Let this wreath speak for itself by keeping the majority of your space neutral, with light colored furniture and decor. Then, choose accents in similar hues of pink to draw the room together and create a unique, exotic vibe.


Comfy-Chic inspired by the Harvest Wheat Wreath

Why not welcome in colder weather with some comfy-chic interior design inspiration? Bright colors like orange and yellow, alongside plaids, flannels, and other fall-decor will brighten your space and give it a fun, seasonal look.


Harvest Wheat Wreath | Fall Wreath | Autumn Wreath | Welsh Terrier


The Harvest Wreath adds a warm, rustic touch that is easy to mix and match with any color or pattern. You can opt for bright colors and patterns, or go for a more modern, comfy-chic look with white, clean decor accented by just a few pops of color and texture.


Modern and Masculine inspired by the California Bay and Brunia Square Wreath

Creating a modern, masculine space is all about choosing rich, darker fabrics or neutrals, paired with industrial accents. But too much of either can make your space too dark and unwelcoming.


Warm up your decor by using the California Bay and Brunia Square Wreath as a centerspace. It adds just the right touch of color and texture to any space, and will effortlessly brighten your masculine style.


Elegance and Southern Charm inspired by the Golden Magnolia Wreath

If elegant decor and southern-inspired accents are your style, then start by choosing the Golden Magnolia Wreath. With it’s bold green and gold leaves, it’ll stand out even in a room filled with large, elegant furniture, luxurious rugs, and opulent accents.


This wreath also transitions perfectly to the holiday season and back again. Simply opt for dark shades of green and red, to give your space a warm, luxurious appeal.


Get Inspired and Start Designing Your Space With the Perfect Wreath

The perfect handmade wreath from Club Botanic can be a great way to get inspired to start decorating and designing your space. Choose a wreath from the list above, or browse our selection to find one that’s a perfect fit for your personal style!

Billy Crawford
Billy Crawford