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7 People You Can Suprise with a Fresh Christmas Wreath

Here at Club Botanic we believe that authentic, fresh Christmas wreaths are amazing gifts. Many people enjoy decorating their doors (and sometimes windows) with beautiful, fragrant wreaths like the ones we offer here at Club Botanic. Giving a wreath can help us to embrace the essence of Christmas - to give rather than to receive. This season is our one true opportunity to remind those to whom we are the closest just how much we appreciate their presence in our lives. The circle shape of a wreath has long symbolized eternity or re-birth, and Christmas wreaths are now considered a sign of welcome and an offering of holiday cheer. So who are going to be your lucky recipients? Our Club Botanic elves have been hard at work cobbling together this list just for you:


1. Your Grandparents

Let’s face it, your grandparents are a big reason you’re here! Most likely, they nurtured your parents and helped shape them into the people they became. You can acknowledge their love and hard work by remembering them with one of Club Botanic’s celebratory wreaths like our California Greens Wreath ! Further, spending time with family and having a close relationship with your family has been shown to support personal health, reduce depression, and even ward off dementia in older folks.


Fresh Christmas Wreath with Cedar and Boxwood Greens.


2. Your Parents

Your parents had the privilege of raising you through baby years, into your teens and beyond. It’s not a task for the faint of heart! They have supported you and still love you! Show them that you love them, too….bring home a gorgeous wreath like our San Francisco Estate Wreath and share in crafting new memories together!


Holiday Wreath used as table centerpiece with fresh cedar, magnolia and thistle


3. Your Kids

Maybe your nest is newly empty or perhaps you’re up to your knees in little grandkids, either was your kids will always appreciate a holiday gift that reminds them of Christmases past. Send them an authentic Club Botanic Christmas wreath, our Fresh Boxwood Wreath comes to mind - and help their Christmas be as full of warmth and love as possible.


Fresh Boxwood Wreath displayed indoor with authentic nutcrackers


4. Business Associates and Co-Workers

It’s always a challenge running a business, and whether you are the boss or the receptionist, or somewhere in between, you are all part of a team. Bringing uplifting holiday decor into your place of work never fails to elevate the mood and bring the spirit of the holidays into your office! We think any of our wreaths are great options, but our Pinecone Wreath in particular is a bit smaller than the others and will fit well on interior wall. 


Pinecone Wreath with pine cones situated among moss and walnuts, hung on white door for the holidays


5. Loyal Customers or Clients

When you think of customers, clients, or partners in your industry do a few of them pop up as especially loyal or important? It’s wise to reinforce your appreciation for them during the holiday season, and sending a wreath to show how much you value that business relationship is a fantastic idea. Whether they hang them in their office or at home, they will think of your thoughtfulness each time they look at it!


6. Daycare or Childcare Professional

We know how important daycare providers and educators are - they nurture our children and give them life-enhancing knowledge and experience. And we rely on them to do that while we are working hard to provide for our families. Certainly if you rely on them, you know what we mean. A holiday wreath is a unique gift that shows your appreciation - not just your contribution to the classroom money pool for holiday gifts.


7. Yourself!

Do yourself a favor! You work hard and care about the people in your life! Give yourself the wonderful gift of a beautiful wreath to decorate your front door or inside your home.


The staff at Club Botanic wishes you a wonderful holiday! We hope you enjoy our products - we want you to Live, Beautifully!


Allison Addicott
Allison Addicott